Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Focus points of HGTV Dream House

Focus points of HGTV dream house

Because HGTV dream houses become the trend setter of that year, you must understand that some of the focus points of HGTV dream house are:

Hgtv Dream House: Kitchen for You

Natural materials like palm tree clippings, palm fronds, cacti and pinecones can be used in the indoor decorations.

• As far as the kitchen is concerned, art can be brought to it by adding color, focal point and texture.

Hgtv Dream House: Paint your Room

• While painting a room, the ceiling should be painted with the same color which represents continuity of colors.

• The photos should be framed with planning which means that a frame finish should be chosen wisely and grouped in the room accordingly. All gold, silver, wood or black can be used for the frames and there should be separate spaces for black and white photos and colored ones.

Hgtv Dream House: Furniture

• Instead of using white walls,HGTV dream houses use bold colors like olive, pumpkin, mustard yellow and sky blue.

• If you want some free space inside, more living space can be moved outdoors by way of a porch, outdoor shower or loggia. These ideas can be conveniently used for furniture, furnishings and outdoor space.

• By using movable tables and chairs, the HGTV dream house tries to convert a movie room into a party room or a game room.

Hgtv Dream House: Flowers on the Dining Table

HGTV Dream House uses interesting objects such as pictures, containers, flowers and art objects as focal points on the entire dining table.

• It can be very expensive to bring in natural materials in the house but you can use replicas or resin models of coral, rocks, tree branches and shells that look exactly natural and come at much affordable price.

While HGTV dream houses are constructed with these tips in mind, you can also use them while designing your own dream home.