Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Paradise on Earth

HGTV dream house: Paradise on earth

The HGTV is the yearly project house through American Cable Network Home and Garden Television. It is being held since 1997 and the sweepstakes starts from 1st January with the custom views and the million dollars valued showcasing of the dream home. The dream homes are located near Wyoming, South Carolina, Florida, Nehalem and Texas. The beauty of these famous places increases its value and makes it incredibly pleasant.

Hgtv Dream House: Farmhouse Table

The facilities like online HGTV provide you the opportunity to watch exactly what the viewer wants. There is also available a Green Home tour which gives the viewers best home tips for keeping it cool and green. Linda Woodrum, the Interior designer of Green Home, gives away good seven tips for keeping home green.

Hgtv Dream House: French Door

The contemporary kitchens, modern bathrooms, eclectic dining rooms, top Asian living rooms and the Elizabeth styled bedrooms are the spatiality the HDTV green homes serve.

Hgtv Dream House: Hudson Sofa

The features like Bellwood Natural American Walnut Flooring, Breakfast Nook Door, Woven host side chair, blu-ray disc player, new country farm house table, French doors, Hudson sofa, dovetail paint modern classic floor lamps, VIERA plasma HGTV and the special Victorian towel bar make it really adorable by the people who have started living in the HGTV dream homes. These specialties make it a dream home as considered the best place to live in.

Hgtv Dream House: Breakfast Nook

There are the amazing tips available for the bedroom and living rooms to make them beautiful and lively by some of the interior designers of HGTV. Designing a romantic bedroom treat and a lively living room is all available online for the customer’s choice.