Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sweet Dreams: Lacoste Bedding

I came across such a fun collection of bedding today that I just had to share, Its the first time i've ever seen this line and I'm instantly crazy for it.  I had no intention on doing a post about bedding but I think you'll agree it has such a fresh, crisp feel to it it the timing seems so appropriate.

In order to understand my fascination with this bedding, I have to tell you that in the past 5 months I've outfitted from scratch at least 7 different beds for clients; for men, for women, for children, for guest rooms, from modern to traditional and from twin to King.  And I absolutely struggled through every minute of it because there was such a lack of selection and style, especially for gender neutral and clean modern styles.  There's no shortage of beautiful and stylish high-end bedding, selection galore if you've got thousands of dollars to spend dressing just one bed, but when working with a more modest budget of say less than $1000 per bed, or even $500 a bed, the options were seriously lacking on all accounts.  If I ever did find something I liked, it wasn't in stock or wasn't available in Canada and everything that was readily available (in my clients budget ranges) were all too,,,,, 'too'; too fussy, too frilly, too boring, too matchy, too dated, too traditional, too shiny, too plain, too busy, too colourful, too white, too creamy, too synthetic, too impractical,,,,,,,It was a frustrating experience to say the least.

So today when I was passing thru the bedding department at the Bay (a Canadian version of Macy's), my designer radar went bezerk when I approached this Lacoste bedding, I couldn't help but stop and drink it all in.  Of course you always find things like this when you're not looking for them - I'd never seen this product before so I was immediately drawn to it.  The colours were so fresh and clean looking and the collections looked modern and very fashion forward.  If only I had a bedroom in need of bedding now!!!!   The Bay had 3 different Lacoste bedding styles on display and I loved each one in its own way (they also had towels and robes) and I could envision each of them in a variety of settings.  There's actually many more collections that Lacoste makes but currently this is all that was available in this store.  I loved these clean graphic prints but also the fact they offerred a full collection of solids that you can mix and match along with a variety of accent pillows and cozy cable knit throws.  A designer could go crazy with so many possible options : )

I particularly think any of these would be perfect for a kids room, or a teens room either for boys or girls but I also couldn't help but envision these making a stylish statement in a breezy waterside cottage bedroom.   Personally, I was just happy to see some modern options in the bedding department!

This series is called the Catamarn, the pallette of colours is so refreshing.

Fashionable details like contrast piping, button closures, dual fabric pillows and double stitched seams in a mix of materials like cotton, cordroy, canvas and cableknit.

Bonus Find:  If you buy this bedding, I recommend you immediately head over to Homesense where I spotted these lamps just moments after leaving the Bay.  How perfect are these!

This series is called the Regate, its Nautical, preppy,,,summery fresh.  How striking would this be with a hit of lemon yellow or citrusy green.

This collection is called Othello and I love this modern geometric, its very dwell studio in feeling.

For those of you who have teenage fashionistas who are hooked on designer labels, they'll love the fact that each and every piece has the signature Lacoste logo on it.  

Now enough with these distractions, let's return to our regularly scheduled topics shall we.  As promised, I'm working on my next post which is all about how I custom paint Ikea kitchen cabinets...

Sweet dreams.