Friday, April 17, 2009

HGTV Dream House Details

Dream House Details

The exterior front of HGTV dream house is a perfect mix of architectural excellence and beautiful plantings. The formal front entrance of this dream home is beautified with shining walnut doors and grand mahogany doors. The foyer is an open and airy area which provides a warm welcome to the guests walking through this area.

Hgtv Dream House: Living Room

The living room of HGTV dream house is made amazingly spectacular and attractive with the chic furnishings and blue color palette. The living room includes fanciful accessories and amazingly lustrous artwork that can make the guests feel like being in a palace.

Hgtv Dream House: Your Dream Garden

The dining room of HGTV dream house is made equally beautiful with the bold wall color paint, traditional as well as European style furnishings, abstract art and rustic accessories.

Hgtv Dream House: Dream House

The family room of HGTV dream house is a live example of modern art. The fireplace included in this room adds a feel of warmth into the room. The decoration of this room is also of contemporary styles and the guests can feel like being in heaven while inside this home.

Hgtv Dream House: Dream Badroom

Kitchen is the most important part of any home and that is why the makers of HGTV dream house have made special efforts for beautifying the kitchen. With inclusions such as two quartz-topped islands and Victorian-style cabinetry, the kitchen of HGTV dream house makes a dream come true for hostess.

Hgtv Dream House: House & Money

This kitchen includes extensive storage space, state of the art kitchen appliances and built-in wine cabinets that can be easily cleaned. The guest bathroom is another attraction of this home. The bathroom is modified with botanical prints, dark wood furnishings, guest bathroom, massage spray showers and sparkling accessories.