Wednesday, April 1, 2009

HGTV Dream House

HGTV dream home: special features

The HGTV is the well known dream home which is considered a paradise on earth as it provides the best facilities for making a dream home. It helps its customers to transform the lifestyle completely and gives you best expert’s suggestions to make your home clean and green.

Dream Dining Room

There are available many garden and green home projects, video clips, message board, program guide and an episode finder to guide the people properly and help them with home improvements.

HGTV Dream House

The online programs are available with a vast range providing heavy amount of information on the green and clean homes making it available for the people easily.

Dream House Kitchen

The HGTV dream home tours are also available which provide its customers the information like the videos and photos and the complete foundation of the HGTV at one place. The designer portfolios are available which provide innovative ideas of designs for living rooms, dining room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

HGTV Dream House

The designer kitchen designs like Elinor Jones, Sub-Zero and Wolf, Andreas Charalambous, and Jessica Nixon are the top most suitable designs in the market.

Dream House Master Closet

The key important bathrooms like Modern, eclectic, traditional, contemporary, romantic and transitional bathrooms are the specialties which make it incredible.

The living rooms are designed with lots of variety. It includes designs like modern, traditional, romantic, Mediterranean, eclectic and English country living rooms are available.

Kim Smart Bedroom

Jone Pence traditional style, Kim Smart tropical bedrooms, Camilla Forte romantic bedrooms and Chris Berrett Eclectic bedrooms are the additional forms of bedrooms available for attracting the customers to the HGTV green home.