Thursday, July 16, 2009

Friendly Bedroom Idea

Earth friendly bedroom idea from the HGTV dream house

Applying eco friendly style in your bedroom is not a trend; in fact, it is the healthiest task to do while decorating home. Do not allow harmful chemicals or toxins affect your health or your home environment. When decorating home in a healthy manner, it is very essential to consider several points to give your bedroom an eco friendly look:

Hgtv Dream House: Your Bedroom

Breathe easier

The quality of the air is essential, as you in your bedroom you spend maximum time during night. The operable panes for proper cross ventilation or natural ventilation are recommended. Purchase a designer fan for circulating cool and hot air, and avoid spending much money on electricity bills. Additionally, it is feasible to select low, no VOC stains and paints for furniture, ceiling and walls. Wash your bedding every week for cutting down on molding, dust mile accretion and mildew.

Hgtv Dream House: Design your Bedroom

If you are allergic to allergies then avoid comforters and down pillows. In fact, look for organic and hypoallergenic pillows filled with cotton, wool, buckwheat, millet hulls, shredded latex or kapok.

Select a green mattress, box spring

Hgtv Dream House: Bedroom for Kids

Do not forget to invest in the most crucial part of the bedroom, the mattress. Almost everything that you get into your house possess a potential to off gas, therefore when you select products to sleep over, always remember to look at the material used to make them.

Hgtv Dream House: Best Bedroom

Pick a mattress that is toxin free as well as does not include polyurethane foam or fire retardants like polybrominated diphenyl ethers. Otherwise, consider green options like cotton and wool filled mattress, which are extremely comfortable like the chemical filled mattress.