Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Increasing sale value of Property

HGTV landscaping tips for increasing sale value of property

A well maintained and appealing landscape can add value to a home. Potential buyers make first impression of home from its appeal. Then also outdoor landscaping is overlooked by a lot of us. You can use certain tips to spruce up your yard. Use container plants and makes your patio and doorways interesting as your potential buyers will enter your place from there.

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Touch up mulch, there is nothing that can make the place lively than a new mulch. Apply fresh layer in the garden beds. Color enhances contrast of surrounding plants to bring out life at outdoors. The best part is mulch is affordable as well as convenient to apply.

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Plant some immediate seasonal colors that can make your landscape pop. According to your home’s look, choose different colors. Shaping overgrown shrubs and trees can also make your outdoors look clean and attractive. Check out if there any overlooked pruning in the garden. Well maintained garden is always pleasant to watch.

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Take care of all the irrigation issues. If the system has some problems, make sure that you get it fixed before buyers visit your place. Along with solving the irrigation problems, look after faucet leaks. Plumbing problems act as immediate turn off for buyers.

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Clean up all the water features and get rid of leaves, visible algae. Get the filters clear so that the water is crystal clear. Dirty water can leave a bad impact on the prospective buyers. Dirty surfaces should also be washed off. By investing little effort and time, you can make grimy and grungy surfaces look sparkling.