Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kitchen safety tips by HGTV

Kitchen safety tips by HGTV

Kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in home and also the most commonly modeled areas. Unluckily, kitchen can be a harmful place in home. There are several guidelines, which can keep the kitchen area safe, including:

Hgtv Dream House: Kitchen Safety Tips

Give proper lighting: Fine general lighting, supplemented by proper task lighting, which is plainly focused over work surfaces, will decrease the probability of injury when making a meal. The lighting must be glare free and even and should not reduce the shadow over the working surface.

Hgtv Dream House: Hgtv Dream House Kitchen

Install slip resistant flooring: Several fine choices are matte finished wood, laminate, soft glazed ceramic tile or textured vinyl. In case if you pick tile, it is suggested to use a throw rug having a nonskid backing, particularly near the wet areas.
Give safe storage for the fire extinguisher: Fire extinguisher must be visibly positioned near the exit of the room, far from the cooking equipment. Do not locate the extinguisher near and under the cook top.

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Keep plugs, electrical switches, lighting fixtures away from wet hands and water sources: Making codes need that all the electrical receptacle to be grounded and protected with the ground fault circuit interrupters. In addition, the mounted room controls must be about 15-48 inches above the floor.

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Install water temperature regulator: The faucets with anti scald devices avoid water temperature from getting too high upto the unsafe levels; the pressure valves level cold and hot water.

Hgtv Dream House: Grilling Safe

Also, there are various other worth considering tips that should be kept in mind such as designing a secure floor plan, putting the microwave at convenient height, considering the slid out bins and trays and eliminating the sharp corners at countertops that will keep your kitchen safe.