Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Design a 3d home interior

The latest buzz in the home improvement industry is to design a 3d home interior. 3d home interior is nothing but designing your home starting from the basement to the roof with the help of 3d designs. The project is not only interesting but a lot of fun also.

3d interior design Design a 3d home interior

There are a large number of interior computer software programs that allow users to create their own 3d home interiors in accordance to their requirements and preferences. Depending upon the budget you are willing to spend, a realistic design can be created with the appropriate interior computer software program, printed and handed over the interior designer to give him an idea of the design you wish your house to feature.

3d interior design2 Design a 3d home interior

First and foremost, you need to purchase a home interior computer software program. There is a large variety of interior software programs available in the market wearing varied price tags. Needless to be mentioned but high priced software simply implies a large number of features and high quality. However, it is always recommended to purchase software that is easy to use. The average price of such software are $35 -$40. There are certain interior programs such as Google sketchup online that can be downloaded for free.

Once you have the software with you, you need to acquaint yourself with the features of the software. Play around with the software and explore the varied tools and features offered by the software program. Take help of the instruction manual or the user guide to familiarize yourself with the program further in details.

3d interior design3 Design a 3d home interior

Start designing your 3d home interiors. The process is as simply as clicking, selecting and dragging the appropriate pieces and themes into the specified rooms. Paint the walls of various rooms in different colors and textures, select different size cabinets for the kitchen, experiment with varied types and sizes of furniture and so on to see how the rooms look. Keep in mind to save every new design created so that you can efficiently compare the designs in order to determine the best design.

Lastly, print the best 3d home design created by you. The printed design can be used for reference purpose while designing your interiors. Alternatively, you may hand over the printed design to the interior decorator and ask him to reflect the identical design in your home.{pictures from an Israel based studio}