Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to Design Your Dream Home

Everyone in this world always wants a dream home. Everybody has the idea of a dream home and they visualize how their ideal home should look like. The ideas everyone has are different from the others but the way one implements them or rather should implement is same. There are some desired features which one must include in their dream house plan.

One of the most important things that one has to keep in mind when designing their dream house is to take care of the Age in Place Design or what is commonly known as Universal Design. This is one feature which should be a part of all dream houses. This is not something anyone can see as such but this has to be incorporated in the functional design of the house. This design basically means that house can adapt easily to the aging of the owner so that they can stay comfortably in their old age without any problem.

The dream house that one designs should have an efficient design for the kitchen. The kitchen should have lots of place for storage and counter space that allows for easy working. The working area for the person should be carefully designed ensuring their convenience and cooking.

The other important thing to consider when designing the dream home is to ensure that the main bedroom or what is commonly also known as the master bedroom of the house is located on the ground floor especially when one is planning on a double storey house. This is keeping in mind the Universal Design as when someone wants to stay in the house for a long time, which one will naturally want to in their dream house, they should make sure that the bedroom in on the ground level or the main floor of the house so that there is no problem in the old age. Having one bedroom on the main level is of utmost importance to make the house functional.

Another very essential thing that one needs to keep in mind when designing their dream house is to ensure there is adequate storage in the house. Over a period of time, there are many things that one collects and thus, ensuring a place for storage is essential. Apart from the basic things as mentioned above there are some other things also depending on individual needs and requirements which one should ensure when they design their dream house.